CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, is becoming more and more important in our society. This topic is playing an increasingly large role in daily operations at Moeskops Grafisch Afwerkingsbedrijf as well. That is why Moeskops does its utmost to take proper care of its staff, our society, and the environment.

As Moeskops has various departments, our staff can always continue working, because all of them are trained to be able to work in various departments. This works very well and can be very efficient. When making new investments, we always take into consideration how to make the work as manageable as possible for the workers. An example of this is the new Moeskops delivery van with its integrated loading and unloading system, which makes loading and unloading the van easier and less physically taxing.

Working with our cutting machines involves processing heavy stacks of paper and cardboard that need to be stacked and unstacked, which is why we have installed automated stacking machines there.

Another important aspect of corporate social responsibility is the environment. Moeskops Grafisch Afwerkingsbedrijf tries to take every measure it can to ensure that its company processes are the least harmful to the environment as possible. For example, Moeskops is FSC-certified and part of the East Brabant Sustainability Circle. On top of that, Moeskops is engaged in CO2-neutral production. We also aim to produce as little waste as possible.

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