Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in participating in the Moeskops Brilliant Challenge but want some more questions to be answered before you get started? Or have you already signed up, but are running into some issues? We have listed the most frequently asked questions below. Simply click on the question to read our answer.

If your question is not listed, or if you simply want to have a chat about the Challenge, please call us at 035-6236828 or send an email to zeezicht [at]

Bring them on, all of your brilliant ideas!

Are you ready for this brilliant challenge?

Where do I sign up?

Lovely that you’re going to participate! You can sign up using the application sheet on this page.

Will my design still be mine?

Yes, of course! We will sign a licensing agreement with the winner so that the design remains their property. For any designs that do not win but are very special, we would like to talk to the designers to see if we can figure out some sort of partnership after all.

What are the design requirements?

There are no strict requirements for our Challenge unless the website states otherwise. We like to leave you, the designer, plenty of room to decide what you want to create, provided that it consists primarily of cardboard. We prefer designs for a saleable product. Generally speaking, we are looking for products not larger than 50cm (l) x 35cm (w) x 25cm (h), but larger than that is also allowed if the design requires it.

What should I submit?

We would like to receive pictures and drawings (with sizes indicated) of your design, as well as a (brief) section of text describing the design, including an explanation, an outline of the creation process, its function, and its feasibility.

Where should I send my design?

You can send your design via email to zeezicht [at]

Could you send me some cardboard samples?

In consultation, we would be happy to send you some samples of the cardboard we use.

What if I want to submit more than one design?

You can, most definitely! More designs means a greater chance of winning. However, there are several Brilliant Challenges each year, so you could also save your second (or third) design for the next Challenge, provided that it fits that Challenge’s theme.

Who will be choosing the winner?

The winner will be chosen by a team of Moeskops’ experts. They will look at the designs’ feasibility and originality.

What about the royalties?

The royalties will be determined in direct consultation between the winner and Moeskops. In any case, the winner will receive €500, aside from the royalties.

Who would my product be sold to?

Depending on the design, we will either approach our own clients or actively find new clients to buy your design.

What are the Challenge’s terms and conditions?

You can download the terms and conditions for the Moeskops Brilliant Challenge here.

What kind of licensing agreement would the winner be signing?

You can download the licensing agreement here.

Which production techniques does Moeskops use?

Very few things are impossible for us at Moeskops. For more information, please refer to our process pages or check out our YouTube channel.

What if my question is not listed here?

If you have any other questions, you can contact us via +31 (0)35-6236828 or by sending an email to zeezicht [at]

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