Die-cutting creates opportunities

Die-cutting uses pressure to cut certain shapes out of materials such as greyboard. All sorts of shapes are possible. The great thing about die-cutting is that it not only enriches the product’s design, but can also make it a lot more functional. The options range from grip holes for files to unique shapes and logos cut into labels, displays, boxes, and packaging, not to mention ways to hang up, insert things into, or hook things onto die-cut shapes.

The dies for die-cutting are made based on drawings, either provided by you (in pdf of .Ai format), or made by us. We can also add creases to the die, allowing us to die-cut and crease in a single machine run.

Moeskops has several different die-cutting machines. Depending on the size of the batch and the technical requirements, we will opt for one of our manually operated machines or a fully automated die-cutting machine.

If you have any questions about die-cutting, call +31 (0)497 38 23 44 or send us an email.

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