The art of folding

In Japan, folding has become a true art form, known as origami. We also take folding very seriously. Thanks to our many years’ worth of experience and our fleet of 6 folding machines, we can create the perfect machine setup for any folder, ranging from the biggest maps to the smallest flyers. To prevent them from tearing, we have various options for creasing the material, and we also have various methods for bundling them and various box sizes to allow for neat packaging.

Buckle-folding machine

“Fourteen zigzag folds, and voila, there’s your map, faster than the human eye can keep up with. Really fascinating to see this process live!”

The bindery is the place to be
The extensive bindery of Moeskops Grafisch Afwerkingsbedrijf ensures that we can do everything in-house. As such, folding orders are no problem at all for Moeskops. But why opt for Moeskops? Well, here’s why:

  • We can handle both larger and smaller batches of folding work
  • Short processing time
  • Many folding options, such as:
    • Letter folds, cross folds, Z-folds, and zigzag folds
    • Open, closed, and doubly closed gate folds
    • Frog folds
    • Pyramid and flip flop folds
    • Up to 14 zigzag folds with our buckle folding machine
  • Moeskops can also create diamond pockets
  • Thanks to its 6 folding machines, there are no limits for Moeskops
Folding & pasting machine

Our folding & pasting machine allows us to fold and close single-sheet packaging in one go. The die-cut sheets are fed into the machine on one end, and fully formed boxes come out on the other end, ready to be used.


Our buckle-folding machine in action

Folding & pasting machine

A single-sheet die-cut packaging being folded and closed. The packaging sheets are folded and turned into fully-fledged packaging in one go.

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