Anything but rank-and-file

Lever arch files were originally used for filing documents, so their appearance did not really matter. That is why many of such files these days are still of the boring, grey kind. Instead, Moeskops creates next-level lever arch files, that are not mere rank-and-file products, but truly stand out: in various thicknesses, featuring grip holes, printed material in all possible colours and patterns, extra interior pockets, ribbon markers, elastic bands, and in set cases that can fit multiple files. Our files are great to look at and deserve to be looked at, instead of being hidden away in a filing cabinet!


Lever arch files are high quality and durable. Some typical features of these files include grip holes (also called finger holes) and metal corner protectors to ensure ease of use and safe and sound document storage. The only difference between lever arch files and ring binders is that the former feature a mechanism with a lever. Apart from that, lever arch files and ring binders are the same, and there are countless options! Some frequently picked options include the following:

  • Grooved rings
  • Label holders for interchangeable spine labels
  • Extra inserts
  • Ribbon markers
  • Elastic bands
  • Set cases
  • Grip holes
  • Decorative corners
  • Mechanisms
Frequently picked processes
  • Most lever arch files are made for storing A4-sized documents and are either 40mm or 70mm thick, depending on the chosen mechanism
  • Other sizes and models are also possible; if you want to find out more, call Moeskops or send us a message.

Legally bound

Footage from inside courthouses often features lawyers pushing carts full of grey lever arch files. Imagine how much work all of those files contain! Lever arch files have a high intensity of use. That is why they are robust; you have to be able to count on them to hold up. Papers are constantly being removed from them and added to them, which is why these kinds of files often feature a two-ringed mechanism with a paper fastener.

What are the origins of the lever arch file’s name?

Its original German name is ‘Briefordner’, which refers to its function for ordering papers. This term was then shortened to just ‘Ordner’. The English term derives from its function as a filing system, its lever mechanism, and its high arched rings.

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