Keep a lid on it

Boxes with lids can be very useful for a range of applications, such as to store papers in an organised fashion, as a gift for relations, packaging for products, or as a means to present a prototype. Why not add flair, not only to the contents, but also to the box containing them? From simple storage boxes to high-end fully equipped box lids, you name it and we will make it. Just approach us with your ideas, and we will make sure our finished design ticks all of the right boxes.

Frequently picked options
  • With or without interiors
Various lid heights
  • Mounted collars
Covered in paper, linen, Balacron, or crocodile print
  • Laminating with a shiny, matte, or linen-textured finish
  • Foil printing or embossing
  • Integrated video presentation

There are almost no limitations in terms of the size of lidded boxes; they can range from very small to very large.

Our Cantoboxes do have some limitations in terms of size. Please refer to the special Cantobox website for more information about sizes and models.

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