Manifold folds

Folding maps is truly an art form. At some time, there must have been someone who came up with the ideal number of folds, and how the puzzle fits together: fold in, fold out, flap up… But that huge mass of paper you struggle with and then just end up stuffing in the glove compartment, isn’t that something of the past? The answer is no. Even though maps and instruction leaflets are increasingly digitalised these days, there will always be a demand for paper products with manifold folds. Moeskops has the perfect machine to produce these and employs the leading specialist in the field with over 30 years’ worth of map folding experience, so you can stop looking for the right supplier right now.

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  • Min 40 x 40mm
  • Max 1500mm x 760mm
Frequently picked options
  • Maps
Instruction leaflets
  • Paper table covers
Colouring pictures
  • Diamond pockets

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