Milling and grooving

Greyboard is the raw material for many of our products. It is strong, durable, and lies perfectly flat, allowing us to create beautiful boxes, ring binders, and files with it. However, greyboard is not easy to fold. We can crease or score it, but there are also other options; for some products, milling or grooving produces better results. With milling and grooving, we remove some of the material, allowing us to create truly razor sharp folds.


With grooving, we cut a V-shape into the cardboard at a 90-degree angle, allowing us to create a truly sharp fold with a 90-degree angle. This process is used for our Cantoboxes, among other products. It creates the sharpest corners possible.


Our milling machine also removes cardboard, but can do so across a wider span of material. We use this technique to create presentation folders, among other things, which fold very easily and smoothly on the milled fold.


Our small milling machine and our fully automated milling machine. The latter is shown creating the two milling folds for a large presentation folder.

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