The power of a good presentation (folder)

Customers make decisions based on their emotions, unconsciously, and often within a span of three seconds. In short, nothing should be left to chance. Presentation folders allow you to present your quotations, contracts, and brochures in a stylish manner, which just might be that final touch that makes the customer choose you over the competition. Presentation folders instantly make any communication look a lot more professional, with the added benefit of keeping your documents nicely organised. We make presentation folders, also called show folders, in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, all of which will ensure stylish presentation!

Frequently picked options
  • High-end finishes
  • Business card holders
Elastic bands to keep folders closed
Laminating with a shiny, matte, or textured finish
  • Localised UV coating or embossing

A4, A3, and A2 are the most common sizes. However, there are many other options. Please contact Moeskops if you are looking for a different size folder.


We offer a very wide range of presentation folders in terms of size and model. Depending on the client’s requirements and demands, the following processes are often used:

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