Cases that set the right tone

Set cases are used to store sets of books, ring binders, or folders together. This is not just practical; a chic case also looks more attractive than a set of individual binders. Set cases also protect the materials they hold. On top of that, a beautiful set case to house a collection or series makes people want to buy the entire series or collection to fill up the case, and it makes people feel it is special and should be treated with care. The right combination of set case and contents provides added value. We would be happy to share our thoughts with you and discuss the options to create that right combination for your design.

Frequently picked options
  • Extra parts that are attached with press studs
  • Handles
  • Straight and slanted cases, with or without grip holes
  • Covers featuring printed material or other cover materials

The paper and cardboard are first die-cut. One-sided white greyboard is used most often. This means that the inside of the case will be white, whereas the outside can be covered with printed (and laminated) material or a different type of cover material. The inside of the case can also be covered with printed material if the design requires it.

Available sizes
  • A5, A4, A3 are the most common sizes for set cases, but other formats are also possible.

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