Thinking out of the box

Storage boxes have a tough time. They are often stashed in a corner, with no one who cares for them. They have to compete against all prejudices that exist about them: that they are ugly, fall apart easily, and get in the way. We are here to break this cycle of negativity! Storage boxes are great for storing and presenting all sorts of loose-leaf information, brochures, documents, and magazines. Our processes allow us to dress up storage boxes and give them new functionalities. For example, you can use them to sit or stand on, you can stack them, move them about, etc. With or without lids, they often look similar to set cases or carrying cases, or to their twin brother, the Cantobox. But they always stand out, because we create them by thinking outside of the box.

Frequently picked options
  • Attached angled lids
  • Magnetic or Velcro closures
  • Cardboard or plastic interiors

The size of a storage box is determined by its content. We create all sorts of storage boxes, ranging from very small to very large ones. Contact Moeskops to discuss the options for your product.

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