We use die-cutting for complicated contours, but for straight lines, regular cutting is faster and cheaper, because entire stacks can be cut together. Cutting is often the start of a process to [...]


Laminating refers to the process of covering cardboard with printed material, giving it the right thickness and sturdiness required for further processes. Additional processes such as die-cutting [...]

Creasing, scoring, and crease punching

Cardboard is a rigid material that is difficult to work with. For example, bending it can be quite an ordeal. Ring binders have to open smoothly, and boxes often need to consist of a single piece [...]

Milling and grooving

Greyboard is the raw material for many of our products. It is strong, durable, and lies perfectly flat, allowing us to create beautiful boxes, ring binders, and files with it. However, greyboard [...]

Magnetic closures

They are invisible, the perfect addition to all sorts of products, and are always ready to do the job: magnets. They keep lids closed when used in packaging, and keep folders closed or open, if [...]


Gathering machines sort sheets of paper and cardboard into the right order, a process we call gathering. To put it simply, printing presses supply sheets of printed material, in stacks consisting [...]


In Japan, folding has become a true art form, known as origami. We also take folding very seriously. Thanks to our many years’ worth of experience and our fleet of 6 folding machines, we can [...]


Die-cutting uses pressure to cut certain shapes out of materials such as greyboard. All sorts of shapes are possible. The great thing about die-cutting is that it not only enriches the product’s [...]

Cantobox line

The Cantobox production line has been specially developed to produce our gorgeous Cantoboxes. This production line includes different stations executing the various processes. Our grooving [...]

Manual finishing

Moeskops has many different machines for an immensely wide range of processes. We are known for this extensive range. However, sometimes products are so special that machines cannot make them, or [...]