Ring binders

Ring binders are primarily used to collect loose sheets of paper that have holes punched in them. They are a means of binding loose sheets together. At the same time, binders are a wonderful [...]

Lever arch files

Lever arch files were originally used for filing documents, so their appearance did not really matter. That is why many of such files these days are still of the boring, grey kind. Instead, [...]

Sample books

See sample books as a display window: whether you work with wallpaper, parquet flooring, fabric, or parts, a sample book is the perfect way to merge your entire collection into one stylish [...]

Cover folders

If you want to present things without having to punch holes in the materials, opt for a cover folder. These folders are used to store and present documents. Sometimes they contain a single sheet [...]

Carrying cases

Our carrying cases are designed on an individual order basis, customised for each individual client. Moeskops carrying cases are characterised by their unique appearance, printing, and use of [...]

Set cases

Set cases are used to store sets of books, ring binders, or folders together. This is not just practical; a chic case also looks more attractive than a set of individual binders. Set cases also [...]

Presentation folders

Customers make decisions based on their emotions, unconsciously, and often within a span of three seconds. In short, nothing should be left to chance. Presentation folders allow you to present [...]

Storage boxes

Storage boxes have a tough time. They are often stashed in a corner, with no one who cares for them. They have to compete against all prejudices that exist about them: that they are ugly, fall [...]

Lidded boxes

Boxes with lids can be very useful for a range of applications, such as to store papers in an organised fashion, as a gift for relations, packaging for products, or as a means to present a [...]

Displays and showcards

When you are in a store or at a trade fair, they are all around you, calling for attention: displays full of colourful leaflets and displays trying to get your attention, all of them geared [...]