From sustainable to even more sustainable with packaging from Moeskops Grafisch

NOL Sieraden has been creating exclusive handcrafted jewelry for sixty years. While most jewelry is cast, the five craftsmen at NOL Sieraden still work in the traditional way with a hammer, anvil, and precious metals. This sustainable approach also demands a sustainable packaging solution, explains Jean Jacques Smeijsters regarding their collaboration with Moeskops Grafisch.

Sustainable jewelry calls for sustainable packaging

“Sustainability is very important to us at NOL Sieraden. We work with precious metals, cutting them from rolls and shaping them into beautiful jewelry using hammers and anvils. We polish them with a polishing machine. By manufacturing everything in the Netherlands, we minimize transportation, and because our jewelry is solid, it can be passed down through generations. The sustainable product was already there, and now we have adapted the packaging to make everything fully sustainable as well. We used to have nice packaging, but it came from China and was mostly made of plastic. This no longer aligned with our vision and practices. Moeskops Grafisch immediately understood what we wanted, and together we designed the new jewelry boxes.

The boxes turned out beautifully. They have the same luxurious appearance as our jewelry and completely align with our philosophy. Not only are the boxes entirely made in the Netherlands, but the cardboard used for the packaging is also recycled.

Creating the perfect jewelry box takes time

Through a business partner, we found Moeskops Grafisch. It took about half a year to finalize the packaging completely. Some may call it picky, but we call it precise. Our jewelry is finished to perfection in every detail, so the packaging must be too. The boxes needed to accommodate rings, necklaces, and earrings. There were various options, like cardboard with holes to pin earrings or using pouches. We discussed these options thoroughly with Moeskops Grafisch. In the end, we settled on packaging in three sizes and are very pleased with the result.”

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