Edgy finesse

You might think that all boxes are the same, but you will know better once you have laid eyes on the Cantobox. Its design is revolutionary and unique. Its corners are razor sharp, its lines as flowing as the Erasmus Bridge. Our Cantobox is carefully finished down to the last millimetre in our state-of-the-art machine. Nothing is left to chance. This ensures that the Cantobox has unparalleled beauty and sturdiness. It represents a unique opportunity to give packaging and products, even large numbers of them, an even more high-end appearance, or, as we like to say, to wrap your product with class.

If you would like to see how the Cantobox is made or read more about it, please visit the special Cantobox website.

Frequently picked options
  • In various sizes, colours, and thicknesses
Paper, linen, Balacron, or crocodile-printed cover
  • Foil printing or embossing
  • Ribbons or elastic bands
  • Boxes and lids made of solid 2-4mm greyboard
Used processes

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